Important Notes

Refund Policies

  1. Strictly no refund of fees if request for withdrawal from the examination is made after submission.

Log Book

  1. Trainees are to keep proper and updated records on their log books.
  2. Ensure the Cover Page includes your MCR and full name
  3. Ensure the Table of Contents is easily located and clearly listed.
  4. Ensure the page indicated in the Table of Contents lead to the right content.
  5. Number all pages – either number by sections, or from page 1 to end of the whole document.
  6. Ensure no repetition of case studies are submitted.
  7. The Fellowship trainee will submit the log book to his/her Mentor for review once every six months.
  8. Failure of satisfactory progress may result in extension or termination of the Fellowship Programme.

Summative Exit Examination

  1. The Summative Exit Examination will be conducted by the Censors’ Board.
  2. Examination fees of S$2,464.63 (inclusive of 7% GST) per trainee apply.

Entrance and Initiation Fees

  1. On successful completion of the training programme and Summative Exit Examination, the Fellowship trainee is required to pay the prevailing FCFP(S) entrance fee (S$535.00) and initiation fee (S$1783.62).
  2. The Fellowship trainee will also be required to submit 1 copy of the FMFP Log Book (to be bound black with gold lettering) for College Archive copy.
All Fellowship feedback/correspondence should be addressed to:

College of Family Physicians Singapore

College of Medicine Building
16 College Road #01-02
Singapore 169854

Tel: 62230606 Fax: 62220204