FCFP(S) Summative Exit Examination

Check-In & Declaration for Year 2020


  1. Due to the limited space of the College premises, you may be asked to wait outside at the MOH lobby area if you arrive early to ensure safe distancing measures are in place
  2. You will be asked to surrender your mobile phone before the reading period
  3. You will be required to wear a mask throughout the reading period and examination (even when you are alone in the examination room)
  4. There will be a bell situated on the table in the examination room – please ring the bell if you encounter any issues during the examination and we will attend to you
  5. You may write and annotate on the journal article given to you during your reading period
  6. You will be given blank pieces of paper during the reading period
  7. You may refer to a copy of your full log book which you have submitted earlier during the examination
  8. The journal article and any notes written will have to be returned to the staff after your examination
  9. Remember to collect your mobile phone after the examination

Personal Particulars

Example: M12345E

Declaration & Check-In

The information you provide is important in managing the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The Infectious Diseases Act requires a person who has reason to suspect that he is a case or carrier of COVID-19, or has had contact with a person with COVID-19, to act in a responsible manner to not expose other persons to the risk of infection by the disease.